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Peach Leaf Ltd is a leading manufacturer and distributor of home furniture and decorative items but not limited for future product development. For us, your well-being is our primary objective, and we will ensure that you find everything you need to be satisfied in our catalog.


If you are looking for something original and exclusive, if you would like to decorate your home with articles and furniture, just thought for you, then we have the perfect solution for you. We start the brand “Peach Leaf” is trusted by countless customers and partners, and whose standards of quality and client care define the personality of this brand.

Furnish your home with functionality and originality, organize your things and decorate every corner with our high-quality products that you can arrange to your liking so that everything has your personal touch.  We will provide you with the most exquisite quality in products such as weighted blankets and covers, pillows, comforter sets, washing machine clean patch, dish wash clean patches, toilet cleaning pills, holiday season home decoration, baths, and even products for your outdoor adventures such as tents or sleeping bags.

By symbolism in Renaissance Art, the peach symbolizes virtue and honor. Addressing our roots in Chinese tradition, peaches represent immortality. Through these ancient and artistic concepts, we want to reflect on our products the idea of a long and healthy life, always looking for each product we launch to have a positive impact on the life of our customers and bring them a sense of happiness.


Brand Story

Scott is a young man who grew up in China, under the guidance of his parents, who instilled in his conscience the seed of entrepreneurship and hard work thanks to the example they showed him in their holiday-season home decoration manufacture. For years he cultivated the spirit of manufacturing quality products, always seeking to offer priceless value to their customers.

At a young age, Scott moved to the United States to pursue his education and to continue growing as a person and a professional. When he finished university, he returned to China, being even more hardworking, wiser, and above all: with a dream.

Scott had the goal of bringing the beauty he conceived into life through high-quality products at competitive prices. With his experience during years in the family business and the technical knowledge he learned in the American country during years, he launched this project. Welcome to a dream that has come true. Welcome to Peach Leaf.


Our aim is to transform our concept of beauty and utility into pieces of furniture and decoration, at the height of the most exquisite tastes and within reach of every pocket. We want to add value and aesthetics to our customers' homes, as well as provide high-end solutions to the partners we work with and distribute our products to.



As an independent brand, we know we have a long way to go. We want to demonstrate through our work and final results that we are worthy of the trust of our customers, and position ourselves as one of the leading home products brands in the American market. In future years, we intend to climb in the international arena and be recognized as a prestigious designer and manufacturer globally.