How to Decorate your Bed for the Winter Season


Swapping out your bedding with the season is an age old practice that not only is a practical matter, but helps to freshen up and bring life into a bedroom. With winter approaching, we want our spaces to be cozy and warm, yet compliment this cold season.

Whichever way you decide to decorate your bedroom this winter, here are our top tips to help turn your bedroom into the most glamorous (and cozy) space this season.

Swap Out your Colors

As the seasons change, so do your home’s colors. Winter’s colors are as cool as the temperature. Deep and jeweled blues, such as navy and midnight add some richness to the pale and dreary snowy season. Not a fan of blue? Green is another cool hue that not only adds depth but works with many design schemes. Emerald green or a deep pine is a perfect shade to add to your bedroom. Plus, it works right into a Christmas color scheme.

Break Out the Comforter 

With it getting chiller, having a warm bed to snuggle under is essential for a nice and cozy sleep. Adding a comforter to the bed is a great accent that can create a grand statement to your space. That is because it is the largest visual element in your bedroom. Adding a comforter can really help to direct the overall look and feel of your space. Comforters come in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, helping you in finding that perfect piece! 

Add a Throw Blanket 

Winter means lots of layers! And we are not just talking about clothing. Your bed needs lots of layers too. One of these layers is a throw to place at the end of your bed. This blanket brings the finishing touch to a well-layered bed. Add some texture with a thick cable knit throw or plush basket weave. Make sure this blanket ties into your existing color scheme to make for a cohesive looking bedroom.

Add Accent Pillows

Just as blankets are an important accent to a bed, so are its pillows. Aside from your standard shams and euro pillows, accent pillows, such as bolsters, add a special touch to your bed. Plus who doesn’t like to be extra comfy in a sea of pillows? Add one to two extra accent pillows on top of your existing pillow set. Since these are more for looks than sleeping, you can go bold with these pillows by getting ones with embellishments like beads or embroidery. 

Get a Matching Sheet Set 

A design tip for your bed is to mix and match solids and patterns. That is because it adds some design interest into your bed. So if you have a fun patterned comforter, opt for a nice solid colored bed set. Match this color to a color in your comforter to really bring the bedding together. For some added contrast, choose an accent color in your comforter to use for your bed sheets. This way, you add a unique and bold color combo that is original yet works well with one another. 

Choose Warmer Materials 

When swapping out your sheet set, opt for a replacement in a warmer material. While cottons and satins are perfect for making your bed cooler in the summer, fabrics like flannel are great for keeping you warmer in the winter. You can still find options in sophisticated colors and patterns. Aside from the bed sheets, you can also change out your comforter for something warmer as well. Look for a high density count for your comforter’s filling or choose one that contains down, as this is a great insulator of warmth.

Transforming your bed has never been easier with these tips. Try them all to update your space for this winter’s season. You can find comforters and your other bedding needs at (link to website). Happy Decorating!