How to Wash Knitted Blanket

Your Knitted Blanket Care Instruction

How to wash your knitted blanket and care need to be taken to avoid damage in the process? Here are two Method you may consider:


Method one: Machine Washing

  1. Using gentle detergent for cotton linen blanket made of a delicate yarn
  2. A mesh laundry bag is needed to protect your blanket from being too agitated or catching on anything
  3. Read the Label and Customize Machine Wash/Dry:
  • Plant fiber yarns such as cotton or linen, machine wash on a gentle cold-water setting, tumble dried on a low temperature or air dry recommend
  • Synthetic fiber such as acrylic, machine wash as normal with other items, normal tumble dry recommend   
  • Recommend few washes for the dye in a blanket and first wash separately before use


Method two: Hand Washing

  1. A gentle Detergent suited to hand washing, for soft touch to both the blanket and your hands, Baby shampoo could be a good alternative for delicate yarns
  • Soak Wash is recommended
  1. Read Label and hand-wash blanket carefully: animal hair yarns and delicate cotton yarn should be hand washed
  2. Soak Wash in cold water: first wash separately for dye to set
  3. Rinse the Blanket with cold and fresh water, gently squeeze out the water when finished cleaning.
  4. Air Dry your knitted blanket after gently squeezing out the excess water, for cotton blanket, lay it flat on a towel to dry for not stretching out.